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Impacted Lives

Sarah, a finance major, is an atheist with an interest in learning more about the Bible. During her fourth Bible study group, she was asked the question, "If this passage is true, how would it change the way you live your life?" Sarah responded, "This passage says that our lives will be happier if we obey the God's commands. But I'm not sure what God wants me to do. Do you think it would be ok if I took this Bible home so I could read it on my own this week?" Sarah has now been studying the Bible for a year. We pray that her heart will be open to the Truth and one day she will become a Jesus follower.

Amy is a graduate student pursuing a masters in teaching English as a second language. She is in a Bible study group with her roommates but has always been very skeptical of the Bible and if it's even possible for a God to exist. But after studying the Bible for a year, Amy is now fascinated with Jesus and his teachings. She is more open to sharing her ideas in the group and has started to ask many questions. When recently asked her thoughts about God and the Bible, she responded, "I don't believe in God yet, but I really want to." Please pray for Amy's eyes to be opened and for her to know God personally.

Nathan, came to the US a year ago to obtain a degree in computer science. Leaving behind a middle-class life in China and starting a new life in the US hasn't been easy for him or his family. But his life has been deeply touched by "real love from Christians," and he's noticed a difference between the lives of Christians and non-Christians. These experiences have helped open his heart to consider God and the Bible. A year ago, Sam met Nathan at a university function for international students and told him about the international student Bible study meeting in our home. Nathan began attending our group right away. His thirst for God has led him to participate in a couple Bible study groups and attend church. Praise God that this Easter, Nathan made a decision to follow Christ and make Him Lord of his life! Nathan says, "I thought I was coming to the US to pursue a career, but it was God's plan for me to come here to meet Him!"

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